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Our Story

Robowealth was founded upon a single fundamental idea: getting more people to invest. Every story begins with a problem, ours was simple: investing is risky, difficult, time consuming and is perceived as expensive.

Most people do not have the investment know-how nor the time to scour through the endless streams of financial data available to us every day.

As one of the leaders in wealth tech sector, we aim to solve the “how” of investing, by providing tailored investment services to each individual investor-not just the wealthy, so that everyone can reach their financial goals. We firmly believe that by utilizing financial technology, we can make state-of-the-art financial services easily available to everyone while promoting fiscal responsibility to all.

What are customer pain points?

Robowealth aims to fix critical pain points of Thai investors

  • Investing is risky


    Investor can diversify through curated funds or automated portfolio.

    Robo-advisory allows investors to always be diversified with mathematical precision. Automated monthly rebalances ensures you are never too heavily weighted in one area.

  • Investing is difficult


    Concise thematic contents help explain the selected funds.

    Investing can be intimidating for many new investors. There are many things to consider; macro and micro economics, politics, the global economy, the executive team, potential – the list can go on forever. Robo-advisory gives investors a peace of mind in knowing that they will always be invested in what they choose.

  • Investing is time consuming


    Mobile application provides one-stop services for all funds.

    Investing can be time consuming for those who don’t know what they want. With so many industries and ways of investing, it takes time to fully understand which products allow you to achieve your investment goals. Robo-advisors use algorithms that sift through tons of financial data in seconds, simplifying the investment process for you.

  • Investing is for the rich


    Minimum investment is only 1,000 baht.

    Naturally, you need to have money to invest. Understandably, most people put off investing because they feel they don’t have enough funds saved to invest and have other priorities. This is unfortunate because investing is for everyone and the beauty of robo-advisory is that anyone can invest, with no minimum investing amount.